Studio portraiture is extremely specialized and happens to be the “elite” photographer’s playground. While it’s true that top finish studio photography requires plenty of study, practice and mentoring it’s also equally correct that an intrigued amateur with a few decent equipment may take excellent family and portrait photos with a few practice.


You will require a couple of important elements for many fundamental studio photography. First is a few studio lighting. Three strobe lights will probably provide you with just as much studio lighting as you will have to manage in many lighting situations. Some studio setups have as much as 6 lights, reflectors as well as other diffusers and employ high finish 600-800 Watt per Second strobes that cost 1000s of dollars. Don’t be concerned! You are able to likely find the best starter set with 300-350 WPS lights in places like eBay, Henry’s or perhaps your local camera store. You need to prepare to invest within the neighbourhood of approximately $1000.00 to obtain strobes, stands, soft boxes, umbrellas and perhaps a reflector. You may also think about a wireless strobe trigger even though you can likely pull off the cord that includes the lights. Most “package” systems have a transporting situation too therefore the helps you to save your equipment from the damage.

Next item(s) is going to be backdrops. You might want to consider numerous things. Top quality Muslin backdrops are available for very affordable cash on eBay. I purchase my backdrops from eBay vendors. Like anything, make certain you look into the seller rating as well as their eBay store to make certain they’re trustworthy. You may even be thinking about a backdrop stand. That can help in correctly hanging your backdrops in any location. Questions you have to think about are

1. The number of colours would you like?

2. What size do you want (are you doing large group photos)?

3. Just how much space is it necessary to use to assemble them?

4. Do you want a backdrop hanger?

Now that you’ve got a number of your fundamental information, you will have to select colors for the backdrops. A pleasant standard gray, blue and perhaps a brown/red base backdrop will often be sufficient to help you get going. You should also be aware of size. 9×6 is a great standard muslin employed for portraits if however you can aquire a great deal, choose 10 x 10 which method for you to possess some extra backdrop for full shots as well as enough for many select few shots. Backdrops of this size are usually around $100 each however, you are able to frequently find bargains on eBay if you’re patient.

Establishing THE STUDIO

Now that you’ve got the apparatus, you’re ready to choose how to setup your studio. Hopefully you’ve already found a little room within your house which you can use like a “studio only” location. Otherwise, you are able to go “mobile” with many equipment and hang up wherever there’s room. Ideally you want to possess a room which has enough ceiling space, enough room to setup your subject and lightweight. An area or area 15×15 is a great beginning point but you might have some limitations for bigger groups. If you’re mostly doing all of your pets, family along with other small subjects and groups this will suffice.

If you possess the capability to put aside your “stage” and it setup, the very best factor to complete would be to set your backdrops facing one wall as well as your lighting off aside. Your lighting needs will be different from shot to shot so it is advisable to simply have the lights on their own stands set towards the cheapest point around the light stand. When you are aware which kind of lighting you will need, you pull your lights when needed and assemble them (having a soft box, umbrella…).

In A Nutshell

Studio shooting could be an enjoyable experience. It can make with regard to added great home done family portraits and can make a couple dollars. Once you begin feeling comfortable taking portraits, why don’t you start doing a bit of buddies portraits? After a little practice, some research and a few knowledge about various portrait styles you will begin to see some good results and will also be the envy of your buddies!

Lawrie Keldon