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Best Wedding Photographers in Salt Lake City Utah

If you have found this website, then chances are you are looking for the Best Wedding Photographers in Salt Lake City Utah for your wedding or elopement.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a huge step in the planning process. And it is arguably one of the most important vendors to choose. After all, once the party has finished and all the food and drink has been consumed… and your hangover has subsided, the only thing you will have from your wedding is the amazing memories… and your wedding photos!

Salt Lake City Utah wedding photographers all have different styles, abilities, personalities and prices. There is no one perfect photographer for every couple. You have to choose a wedding photographer that is suited to you, your wedding, your personality, your finances and your personal style.

We have looked at all the amazing wedding photographers in Salt Lake City and compiled a small list of who we think are the very best Salt Lake City Utah wedding photographers!!

1 – Austen Diamond Photography


If you are seeking a professional photographer that aims to be thoughtful in creating classy, contemporary wedding event tales and innovative picture digital photography, then Austen Diamond might be the perfect wedding photographer for you.

He aims to craft initial photos that recognize your distinct individuality and connection. He is a Salt Lake City Utah wedding photographer, and he enjoys developing portraits that integrate the hilly and red shake canyon landscapes of Utah. He just loves the outdoors and loves to incorporate them into his wedding photography.

By documenting candid moments and raw feeling throughout the day, his photojournalistic style will blend effortlessly into your wedding day. These enduring, impactful images will be passed down to future generations for years to come. Being one of the best Salt Lake City wedding photographers isn’t really just a job to him. It is a passion and an honor to create some beautiful memories for couples all over this amazing State.

2 – Rachel Nielsen Photography


We just love Rachel’s wedding photos! They are romantic, emotive, timeless and with beautiful rich light. They showcase not only a couples love, but also the beauty of Utah and America. And what is more perfect is that she is based right here in Salt Lake City, Utah!! Woohoo!!

She is totally obsessed with beautiful light and exploring the landscapes around this amazing State. Because she loves light, she know when and how to capture wedding couples is Utah’s golden light. Photography is an absolute passion for her. She loves to capture her family, other families and loved up couples. But weddings are what she loves to photograph more than anything else.

She is a mom with five… yes five kids. So she knows how to handle a wedding party and how to command attention when it is needed. And if you look through her portfolio, you will see stunning, professional images that will make your heart shine. So do yourself a favor and check out more of her work and if her images make you feel something, get in contact with her!

3 – Lindsey Stewart Photography


If you are looking for experience, elegance and classic style, then Lindsey Stewart Photography should be high up on your list of amazing Salt Lake City wedding photographer to check out.

Lindsay is a wedding photographer who uses both film and digital to capture her amazing images. She has been photographing weddings since 2007 so she has a tonne of photographic experience. Telling the story of your wedding day is her goal so that she can create photos that have meaning and connection. Her photographic style is a combination of artfully planned mixed with the totally candid and unexpected which weddings always have.

When you wander through her wedding portfolio you will see a distinct style and look that is both classic and elegant. Something that a wedding photographer that shoots with film can only achieve.

We love Lindsey Stewart Photography and are totally confident that you will get the wedding photos of your dreams from her.

We would also like to give photography credit to the amazing header image used at the top of this page. Taken by another amazing artist, wedding photographer Hunter Valley. Thank you so much for the beautiful image and your continued friendship and support.

Yes, all the wedding photographers listed here are based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As they are all locals, they will know all the best locations to go to. It is always a good idea to seek their advice on the best places to go for your wedding.

Just contact us, and for a small and very affordable fee, you can get your wedding photography business listed. But you must live in the great state of Utah. Supporting locals.

They are simply our favorities. We are huge fans of their work and are passionate about showcasing this amazing city and the local photographers who service it.

No. We encourage you to visit their individual websites, go to their Facebook and Instagram pages and conect with them.

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Ssalt Lake City Wedding locations

Salt Lake City, Utah (which is also known as the City of the Saints due to its ties to the LDS religion) is the largest metropolitan area in the state of Utah. It has a population of around 1.3 million people and it is an amazing place to live, work and to get married.

We recommend that you talk to your wedding photographer about the best locations to go for your wedding. Photographers have different style and like different locations. And most will have some secret or more hidden locations that are not listed on websites. They know what looks good in photos, so it is best to talk to the experts.

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